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Luxury Yacht for a perfect italian vacation
Crewed and bareboat yacht charter worldwide

Forzatre, the ideal wind speed

For 25 years, Forzatre has been the international boutique of yachting.
We carry out our work by putting our relationship first with like mind people who share the same love of the sea.
Our aim is to help you make your dream come true whether you want to buy a yacht or to have a holiday on board a boat

A Taylor-Made Service

The service we provide is completely personalized based on your needs and we keep putting forward different solutions until we come up with a boating holiday which satisfies all your requirements.
For this to happen, it’s important that we listen carefully to what the customer wants, paying attention to his needs so that we are in a position, after careful “analysis”, to always offer only boats which with we are familiar and know very well.
No request is too outlandish but whatever it is, you will be assisted by professional personnel with the relevant experience in the sector of Yachting.

Pontile di Yacht di lusso bianco moderno

Crewed Yacht Charter

Forzatre is leader in the Crewed Charter as well, and Full Member of MYBA, Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association since many years.
MYBA is an internationally renowned professional organisation, founded in 1984, whose members are widely represented in the fields of brokerage, charter, management and construction of large yachts.
MYBA guides its members on the highest ethical and technical standards, ensuring Corporate and Individual Members meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct.

Why choose us

Whether you want to buy a new boat or to get an estimate on the one you already have or even to organize a yachting holiday, our team of experts is on hand to help you with whatever you want.
We offer the best yachts on the market for charter and for sale in Italy or abroad .
Another aspect of our success is the passion we put into our work and the professional approach we take towards our customers.
This, we believe, is the key element which has enabled us to satisfy the various requests so much so that many of them return to us year after year.

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Our Team

Silvana Forzatre

Silvana Perazzo

Paola Forzatre
Founder & CEO

Paola Gatti

Nicola Forzatre
Yacht Master, Project Manager

Nicola Favario


Silvana Perazzo

I started working for Forzatre in 2008 and since then, my main task is to consult with customers and guide them towards making the best choice so that they can get the most out of their holiday on board a boat. I have attended many International and MYBA Boat Shows and I have a contact list of some of the main yacht owner companies.
The part of my job that I really enjoy is selecting a yacht which is sea worthy and destinations which suit the temperament of our customers.
Knowledge of geography is a must in my job especially when it comes to choosing where to send our customers so that they can have the best yachting holiday possible. Another essential aspect of my job is knowing where and who to go to so as to get the best agreement.
I speak English and I have a certificate in Maritime Broker from The Department of Commerce in Genova.

Founder & CEO

Paola Gatti

I am a Charter Yacht Broker and also the founder of Forzatre. I gained a lot of experience working for some of the biggest companies in this sector and I have used this acquired knowledge and experience to make Forzatre the success it is today.
Over the years I have assisted many customer to charter yachts with a crew and yachts without a crew. However, my main aim is to make sure the customers choose the best holiday on board a yacht and to guarentee that they get the most out of their Yachting holiday. For this to happen, a lot of careful planning goes into organizing their holiday at sea but not only. It is also vitally important that the crew working on board is professional and that the service offered is of the highest standard.
I am well versed when it comes to brokerage a deal at national as well as at international level and I have been a full member of MYBA since 2004. I know all the best destinations for a holiday on water because I have spent many years sailing. I am also proud to say that I boast a vast list of customers which I have cultivated over the years and who regularly turn to Forzatre when planning a holiday on board a yacht.
I am the Managing Director of the company and I handle the day to day running of the business with the help of a team of people who are experts in their own field. With them, I can exchange ideas and make projections on where we want Forzatre to be in the future.
I speak English.

Yacht Master, Project Manager

Nicola Favario

I started my professional career thirty years ago. Because of my love of the sea, I have sailed practically everywhere.
Initially, I started working on Sailing Yacht then on Motor Yachts and I gradually worked my way up until I became Captain, working on some very exclusive yachts. It is no surprise therefore that I have also developed an avid interest in the projection and construction of yachts and I have had the opportunity to oversee the building of boats on behalf of some yacht owners. I have been in charged of crews on board yachts and I have learnt during the course of my career how to pick a group of workers according to the needs of a particular yacht owner.
I believe my know-how and my years of experience is an asset within Forzatre especially when I am called upon to advice both customers and yacht owners on queries they might have about a yacht. This is when my expertise comes into play because I have to be able to talk about technical matters with regards a yacht and at the same time dealing professionally with any problems the customer might have.
I speak English and French.