Defending the sea, its extraordinary biodiversity and the ones who live in it. These are three complicated but essential goals for tourism industry. In this perspective, we decided to make a little but symbolic act of love for the sea on Valentine’s Day.

Founder & Ceo of our society, Paola Gatti, explains: “WWF offers the opportunity to adopt one of the endangered species: we chose dolphins”.

A great range of dolphins are rated as “species at high risk of extinction” on IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list.

Fishing nets are the greatest danger for a dolphin: it gets stuck and can’t get back to the surface to breath. These species are also threatened by illegal fishing, harmful chemicals such as mercury or polychlorobiphenyl, and the decrease of prey (mostly fishes and squid).

“Using donating funds, WWF tries to avoid unintentional capture that provokes the entrapment of 300 thousand cetaceans every year. Italy, for its part, is working to make International Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary more efficient. This precious zone protects cetaceans’ species. With Liguria Via Mare Consortium’s help, they study dolphins’ behaviors to create new projects aimed for their welfare”.


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