The Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands, thousands of islets and bays scattered across the Caribbean Ocean. The archipelago is home to miles of pink and white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. With the third largest coral reef in the world, countless almost forgotten shipwrecks, the Bahamas hardly compares as an ideal diving destination.

Palme, mare e spiaggia bianca delle Bahamas

On board of a sailing boat or a catamaran you can discover all the splendours of the Bahamas: such as the waters of Bimini, Andros, Nassau and Paradise Island, Harbour Island, Exumas, Long Island.

Abaco Archipelago

The Abacos are one of the most popular archipelagos in the Bahamas: the islands are home to the picturesque settlements of Marsh Harbour and Hope Town; there are excellent diving sites and coral reefs at Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park. In addition, the sea in Walker’s Cay National Park is inhabited mainly by turtles, eagle rays and sharks.

Tartarughe marine dell'Arcipelago delle Abaco nelle Bahamas


The Exumas, known to be a paradise on Earth, famous for its sapphire blue waters, offer breathtaking beauty with exceptional locations for snorkelling and fishing.

Swimming Pigs, maiale che nuota nelle acque cristalline delle Exumas

The islands are home to pristine secluded beaches and deserted islets, where local celebrities known as swimming pigs.

The tale of the Bimini island

The Bimini Islands are synonymous with velvety beaches, clear seas and memorable sunsets, waters rich in tropical fish (wahoo, marlin and sailfish) that give the islands a reputation for deep-sea fishing.

Spiaggia dell'Isola di Bimini nelle Bahamas

A place of inspiration for artists, its unique beauty captivated even the English writer Ernest Hemingway, who made it his favourite retreat.

Did you know that legend has it that the enchanting lost city of Atlantis lay beneath the pristine waters of Bimini?

Long Island

A prime bonefish fishing paradise, Long Island is a tranquil island with breathtaking coral reefs perfect for snorkelling and pristine shallows that lend themselves to diving.

Barriera corallina di Long Island ottima per la pesca

A place of renown and a diving paradise is the Dean’s Blue Hole, the second deepest in the world. And here there will be amazing encounters with pristine marine life and sharks to swim with.


It is the largest island in the Bahamas and has remained virtually untouched. The island of Andros is rich in greenery and offers scuba diving, fishing and sea caves.

Donna che fa snorkeling con pesci tropicali nell'isola di Andros

The Andros Reef is rich in exotic marine life, especially in the so-called ocean tongue. Favourite spots for divers from all over the world are the blue holes, underwater caves and the Andros Wall, the most famous underwater wall in the Bahamas.

Nassau and Paradise Island

Connected by a bridge, Nassau and Paradise Island offer extraordinary beaches of tropical beauty: Cable Beach has white sand and crystal clear seawater perfect for scuba diving. Jaws Beach and Love Beach have a shallow shoreline away from the crowds, providing pure comfort and privacy, while Caves Beach features beautiful rock formations.

Faro sull'isolotto di Nassau, nelle isole Bahamas, circondato dal mare

Paradise Island is home to the world’s largest open-air aquarium and a multitude of marine wrecks, such as the famous Lost Blue Hole and even an underwater sculpture garden in Clifton heritage National Park.

Donna con un cavallo sulle sfondo dell'isola di Paradise Island

Harbour Island

Harbor Island is characterised by turquoise sea and pink sand; it is at this point in the Bahamas where the Atlantic meets the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Walking along the beach at low tide on horseback is one of the most popular activities in this beautiful destination.

Isola di Harbour con spiaggia rosa bagnata dal mare caraibico


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