The magic of Cuba: crystal-clear water with pelicans and iguanas

To experience Cuba today is to retrace the history of a paradise, a happy island with a retro atmosphere that you can relive on a wonderful catamaran cruise through the unspoilt cayos. An incredible route, immersed in the full charm of the Caribbean island, you will have an unforgettable experience, among original mojitos, excellent food and, why not, some good Cuban cigars to enjoy after meals.

The white beaches of Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo del Sur is one of Cuba’s most attractive tourist destinations, located in the far east of the Archipiélago de los Canarreos on the Isla de la Juventud. Bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, this beautiful island is known for its unique natural character, still intact in many areas. Cayo Largo del Sur’s beaches are its greatest asset due to their paradisiacal appearance and pleasant combination of white sand and turquoise waters.

spiagge di Cayo Largo del Sur

One of the place’s main attractions is its beaches: idyllic white-sand beaches with turquoise-blue water such as Playa Sirena or Playa Paraíso.

Playa Punta Mal Tiempo is the loneliest of the three due to its isolation while Playa Sirena, the largest of the three, has beautiful palm trees whose shade you’ll enjoy as you walk around the islet.

On the other side are the Playas del Este, a set of beaches to the east of the islet. Playa de Los Cocos has the greatest biodiversity of the three, with animal species such as iguanas and flamingos. Playa Blanca is a wonderful virgin beach with more wave movement. Playa Tortuga is perhaps the most interesting of these virgin beaches because of the hundreds of turtles that can be spotted in the white sand during the months of May and October.

This is one of Cuba’s top diving spots, with spectacular coral formations and amazing tropical fish.

Cayo Largo del Sur is full of beautiful iguanas, hundreds of sea turtles laying eggs in the warm white sand, or if you decide to make your dream come true, swim with dolphins offshore.

Fondali corallo e pesci tropicali

Due to its strategic location, this exciting island in the Caribbean Sea has a great historical attraction for having been a land of passage for the most famous pirates and corsairs of the seas and even Christopher Columbus on his journey to the Isla de San Juan. 


Cayo Rico: the kingdom of iguanas

It is a small, uninhabited islet whose queens are the iguanas.

Here you can better observe the coral reef and all kinds of tropical fish. This is the island paradise of perfect relaxation.

Iguane a Cuba Playa


Isla de la Juventud

Nowadays, Isla de la Juventud has a quiet, relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Yet, although it still has few visitors, it is an enchanting and unparalleled place. The adventures of its seabed attract diving enthusiasts, and the sight of its coral reefs and precious species of fish will not leave you indifferent.

il mare e la spiaggia di Isla de la juventud cuba


Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa María is Cuba’s largest islet and is located in the beautiful Cayerías del Norte archipelago. 

Windsurf nel mare di Cayo Santa Maria isola Cuba

This incredible islet has about 18 km2 of surface area and about 10 kilometres of heavenly beaches. These are the main reason why it is frequently referred to as the Rosa Blanca de los Jardines del Rey, due to the combination of fine white sand and crystal clear waters.


Cienfuegos is known as the Pearl of Southern Cuba, and it’s no wonder that this small city has won over travellers from all over the world with its fusion of elegant French flair and affable Caribbean style

Cienfuegos la perla del sud, palme e acque cristalline

Cienfuegos is a seaside city located around Cuba’s most majestic natural bay. The entire city enjoys an enviable maritime environment, which, combined with the tranquillity of its renovated streets free of mass tourism, was one of the factors that led to its being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

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