Most famous for the fabulous Bora-Bora, Tahiti’s Leeward Islands are a sailor’s paradise.

Comfortable anchorages within the coral reef and breathtaking mountains soaring into the sky make chartering a yacht in Tahiti and French Polynesia the adventure of a lifetime. Although Bora-Bora, Raiatea, Tahaa and Huahine are close by, each island has a slightly different ambience.

Of course, the beauty of the South Pacific is a common trait. So are the exquisite coral reefs, motus and beaches. Together, the four treasures of the Tahitian Leewards make for an enchanting cruising ground for a memorable sailing holiday in Tahiti. The climate in French Polynesia is sunny and pleasant. There are 2 seasons: from September to May the weather is warmer and more humid, while from April to August it is cooler and drier. Most of the rain falls during the warmer season.

Palme da cocco su una spiaggia della Polinesia Francese bagnata dall'oceano pacifico


Tahaa’s vanilla

Time seems to stand still on Tahaa, a secret and remote island. Exploring this land, travellers will be immersed in lush, unspoilt nature.

Tahaa, the island of vanilla, looks like a huge, colourful and fragrant garden where vanilla and orchids reign supreme. In fact, it is in Tahaa that 80% of the famous Tahitian vanilla, the most popular among connoisseurs, is produced.

Isola di Tahaa, anche chiamata isola della vaniglia

Farmers are happy to show visitors the various stages of production of this spice, the aroma of which can be smelled all over the island. In the pristine waters of Tahaa, the vanilla island, the Pinctada Margaritifera, black oyster, produces the rarest of pearls: the famous black pearl, with shades ranging from green to aubergine, iris and silver.

Bora Bora

Loosely translated from ancient Tahitian, Bora Bora means ‘created by the gods’: crystal-clear turquoise waters and a coral reef throbbing with life surround a series of motus: small islands around the main island, right in front of the lagoon.

Isola di Bora Bora circondata dall'oceano

Characteristic of the island is Mount Otemanu, which rises 720 metres above the lagoon. Its jagged peaks are one of Bora Bora’s most characteristic sights and the locals have considered them sacred since time immemorial; the bodies of ancient Polynesian kings rest here. 

A 4 million km² natural aquarium

The ocean represents the complete cycle of life for Tahitians and they have a reverential respect and relationship with it. The sea, the rainforest and the sky are considered the realms of the gods in the Tahitian spiritual world.

Varietà di pesci tropicali nelle acque della Polinesia

Crystal-clear waters are home to more than a thousand species of fish in an infinite variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The smaller fish are also the most colourful and prefer to stay in the coral gardens in the shallow waters of the lagoons, while the larger fish enjoy the busy life of the gulfs and coral reefs or the open sea.

The combination of canyons, caves and coral beds provide nooks and crannies for marine life.

Barriera corallina vista facendo snorkeling a Bora Bora

Sightings of whales, dolphins and sharks, sea turtles and rays are well known.

Although whales can be spotted around any island, Rurutu is the best place to encounter these colossal animals.

As a cetacean sanctuary, the dozens of species of dolphins that inhabit the waters of French Polynesia are considered protected. These mammals are present all year round and can be spotted around each island. 

Uno squalo che nuota nel mare della Polinesia Francese

Polynesia is a perfect place to meet sharks. It is also the ideal place to dispel many negative legends that have given this animal a sinister reputation.


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