Unlike other animals, dolphins like playing in the water. Watching them floating and having fun can be a real show. Dolphins are extraordinary smart, even more than chimpanzees. Studies and data are proving their similarity to humankind: these animals have qualities such as nobility and solidarity, they can be defined as social animals, they live in groups and collaborate sharing their knowledge, females have a tight relationship with their children.

Dolphins communicate through sounds. They produce a wide range of rumors, whistles and gurgles. We can observe a huge variety of species across the world.

We would convey a message of respect towards dolphins, so let’s see 3 natural places where you can admire the joy they spread by living their life. These animals deserve to be seen in their natural habitat, where they express their beauty and cordiality providing a rare show for those who watch them.

Pelagos Sanctuary

Situated between Sardinia, Liguria, Principality of Monaco and France, this place is a marine reserve 87.500km2 large. This zone of the Mediterranean Sea offers you a perfect view of different species, including dolphins.

Recommended boats:

Sangermani Quarta Santa Maria

Tuscan Spirit



Alykes beach, Zante Island, Greece

Zante Island, situated in the Ionian Sea, is one of the best-preserved marine areas where you can see dolphins. Located on the north side of the island, Alykes beach is the main point whence you’ll be able to see them.

Recommended boats:

Milos at sea


Catamaran Bali 5.4


Paradise Island, Bahamas, Caraibi

Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience and you can live it in the Caribbean. Set in the Bahamas, Paradise Island hosts the greatest dolphins’ rescue and recovery center in the world, where you can swim and play with them.

Recommended boats:


Catamaran Lagoon 52 F


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