If you’re looking for white sandy beaches, relaxation and crystal-clear water for top-notch snorkelling, the answer is Maldives. This incredible destination is perfect for a great holiday! Start your trip from Hulhumalè and discover an archipelago of 26 atolls.

You can choose between a cabin cruise or a luxury charter with crew aboard a sailing or motor yacht.

Palme, sabbia bianca e acqua cristallina alle Maldive in vacanza

Unspoilt nature, an incredibly clear sea and the friendliness of its inhabitants are the three things that will never make you forget these islands…

Banana reef 

It is one of the most popular diving spots in the Maldives, both because of the beauty of the reef and its proximity to Malé airport

Yacht in mezzo a Banana Reef, nelle Maldive

Banana Reef, one of the oldest coral reefs discovered in the Maldives, is adorned with breathtaking caves, majestic reefs, beautiful coral outcrops and powerful overhangs; it is also populated by sharks, barracudas and groupers, making it one of the most famous dive sites in the world. 

Malé Atoll

There are several dream locations north of the capital Malé:

  • Helengeli Island – located about 50 minutes by boat from Malé, this island features a small lagoon, perfect for relaxing swims in the turquoise waters, and a large stretch of reef, which can be explored at various points by snorkelling sessions.
  • Eriyadu Island – a real jewel set in the blue ocean: this small island is completely covered by a dense forest of coconut palms, sloping almost down to the water, and surrounded on all sides by coral reefs.
  • Ihuru Angsana Island – a small island with a circular outline and a wide white sandy beach just over 200 metres in diameter.

L'Isola di Eriyadu circondata da acque cristalline


To the south of the capital are the small, low-profile Bodufinolhu Island, which stretches out into the crystal-clear waters with its enchanting strips of sand, and Fihalholi Island, an enchanting stretch of sand covered with palm trees and mangroves.
Atollo di Malé, Maldive, con palme e spiaggia bianca

Faafu Atoll

The small atoll of Faafu is located about 120 km south-west of Malé and is home to a single island, Filitheyo. It is an exclusive location with an unspoilt charm where you can experience a simply unforgettable stay.

Spiaggia bianca dell'atollo di Faafu, nelle Maldive

Ari Atoll

It is one of the most famous of the Maldives and is often considered the most beautiful. It is characterised by several islands, including Nalaguraidhoo, also known as Sun Island, which is rich in vegetation and features a long tongue of sand that emerges at low tide in the eastern part.

Atollo di Ari con la famosa Sun Island

The island of Angaga, on the other hand, is another marvel: a small island with a circular profile, it is the ideal destination for those who wish to devote themselves to exciting snorkelling sessions to discover the wonders of the Maldivian seabed, as well as for those who prefer to relax with peaceful swims in the placid, crystal-clear waters: in fact, while one side of the island is surrounded by reefs, the other contains a large protected lagoon.

Lhaviyani Atoll

Lhaviyani is one of the northernmost atolls in the Maldives archipelago. The island is Komandoo, about 500 metres long and just 100 metres wide; this small expanse of white sand dotted with coconut palms is home to 45 beach villas for an exclusive and comfortable stay.

Atollo di Lhaviyani nelle Maldive in vacanza

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