Turkey, located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, is a country that embraces its unspoilt origins in the Eastern world: dazzling harbours, vibrant cities, classical ruins reminiscent of Byzantine history, a welcoming culture of a thousand ancient civilisations.

Turkey is the sixth most visited tourist destination in the world and home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Turchia vista dall'alto con mare blu che circonda la costa

Its rich and varied terrain, straddling the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean, is a hidden treasure trove of unimaginably turquoise coves, bays and beaches.

Visiting Turkey on board a gulet is an unmissable experience and an unforgettable adventure; here are some must-see places to visit on a sailing boat, yacht or catamaran!

Göcek and the butterfly valley

Göcek, located in the Gulf of Fethiye, is one of the best and most popular sailing destinations in Turkey. You can explore the southern Anatolian peninsula and dive into the crystal-clear waters of this beautiful and pleasant region.

baia di Göcek, situata nel Golfo di Fethiye

The Valley of the Butterflies, accessible only by sea, is so called because millions of beautiful butterflies with transparent wings populate the valley. It is a wonderful spectacle not to be missed!

The Marmaris coast 

The town of Marmari, on the south-west coast of Turkey, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea is a charming village surrounded by mountains, with the 5,000-year-old Marmaris Castle reigning supreme on the coast.

La costa turca di Marmaris 

Marmaris Castle is the oldest monument in the city. The castle with its museum inside constitutes a significant piece of Marmaris’ history; the initial settlements were built around the castle and have since grown from around it to the present city.

Bodrum Riviera

Bodrum is the Turkish city that gave birth to Artemis and Herodotus and is the birthplace of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the mausoleum of Halicarnass.

La Riviera di Bodrum, antica citta turca

Its coasts are populated by typical Mediterranean vegetation with fragrant flowers such as jasmine and hibiscus, and some subtropical species such as palm trees with dream beaches such as Gumbet, ideal for diving, and Bitez, where you can watch and swim with turtles.


Kemer and Antalya

In southern Turkey, between the picturesque town of Kemer and Antalya, there are the bluest waters of the Mediterranean and the Taurus mountains in the background. 

Kemer e Antalya e montagne Tauro sullo sfondo

The pristine beaches such as Terikova and Moonlight Beach in this destination are perfect for diving enthusiasts, as the sea is calm and various underwater species can be observed.


Ekincik Bay

It is in the beautiful bay of Ekincik, between Marmaris and Dalya, that you will find one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire peninsula: the small beach of Iztuzu.

Baia di Ekincik con la piccola spiaggia di Iztuzu

This beach is famous for being a nesting ground for the loggerhead turtle, which is why it is inaccessible at night. 

Bestas Limani

Translated from the Turkish language, ‘Bestas Limani’ literally means ‘Cold Water Bay’; a perfect place on an amazing holiday to awaken all the senses: a refreshing natural spring from which very cold water flows. 

Bestas Limani vista dall'alto in Turchia



Kizilkuyruk is a beautiful bay with two sheltered coves of white pebbles. The water is exceptionally clear and the seabed looks like an octopus and fish farm.

Baia di Kizilkuyruk in Turchia con barca a vela a riva


Tomb Bay  – Gocek Archipelago

Composed of 12 islets, the Göcek archipelago is a discovery of small bays as far as the cape of Akca; the place is characterised by the spectacle of Lycian tombs set across the bay to the reefs below the emerald waters of Saralibuk Limani or the submerged ruins from the Roman era of Cleopatra’s Baths (Manastir). 

Rovine romane di Tomb Bay, nell' Arcipelago di Gocek

Just beyond, you’ll find Round Bay, a ring of rocks covered in vegetation that keeps you safe from wind and snares, and Seagull Bay. In the middle of the Gulf of Göcek, the triangle of sand atolls around Baba Island is a yachtsman’s paradise, so we recommend arriving at the crack of dawn or after sunset.

Round bay in Turchia con il mare azzurro e barche a vela e catamarani


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