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Home to the second largest barrier reef system in the world, Belize features cruising in an unsploiled natural setting. A highlight of a Belize yacht charter is the snorkeling and scuba diving – truly some of the best anywhere.

7 days – Placencia to Placencia

Day 1: Placencia to pelican Caye Depart from the base to Lark Cay, about 1/2 hours sail away.

Day 2: Depart from Pelican Cay and head to South Waters Cay head up past Douglas Cay towards the Blue Ground Range.

Day 3: Depart from South Waters Cay and head to Rendevouz Cay Heading south again, once again weave through the Blue Ground Range and then sail south-south-east towards Rendevouz Cay along the Victoria Channel. Enkoy the beautiful snorkelling all around Rendevouz Cay.

Day 4: Depart Rendezvous Cay and head to Little Water Cay those who want to have another meal ashore, backtrack a little, heading northwest from Rendezvous to Bob’s Cay, located on the Slasher Sand Bore.

Day 5: Depart from Little Water Cay and head to Ranguana Cay, sail east-south east for a stop at Laughing Bird Caye, to enjoy snorkeling in this national park where the fish are plentiful and curious, particulary Bob Barracuda.

Day 6: Depart Ranguana Cay and head to Frank’s Cay Head south-southwest to Frenk’s Cay in the Sapodilla Marine Reserve. Anchor there for a lunch time stop.

Day 7: Depart Frank’s Cay and head to the base in Placencia, sail northwest to Seal Cay for a spectacular diving and snorkeling spot, the best around. Leave enough time to sail northwest to No Name Point near Monkey River to anchor safely overnight in the lagoon like protected waters behind the point.



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